Wii cool invention and video!

Today’s Times has an article on Johnny Chung Lee, who came up with a way to use a Nintendo Wii remote with a video display to give a more interactive experience.  When you move around the room, the view on the screen changes.  This is unbelievably cool and I hope it’s used in video games and other technologies soon.  Also interesting is how Lee used YouTube to publicize his ideas.  As the Times notes:

He might have published a paper that only a few dozen specialists would have read. A talk at a conference would have brought a slightly larger audience. In either case, it would have taken months for his ideas to reach others.

Small wonder, then, that he maintains that posting to YouTube has been an essential part of his success as an inventor. “Sharing an idea the right way is just as important as doing the work itself,” he says. “If you create something but nobody knows, it’s as if it never happened.”

The video, viewed over 6 million times, is a must-see:

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