New Star Trek trailer

The new Star Trek trailer has had mixed reviews on the internet.  Me, I think it’s frakking awesome.  Sure, the trailer is mostly action, but that’s ok.  It’s is trying to attract an audience beyond the pointy-ears-and-forehead-ridges wearing set, and does so successfully.

Based on watching the trailer (repeatedly) and reading around the web (see fansite TrekMovie for at-times heated commentary), I think that the pic has great potential of combining great action, character development, and big ideas.  (Think Wrath of Khan.)

For a list of spoofs and parodies of the new Trek trailer (such as Smallville Trek, etc.), go to TrekMovie.

UPDATE (11/27): AICN has posted a new trailer with an appearance by old Spock played by Leonard Nimoy.  I’ve substituted the video for the updated trailer.  (H/T to  The older trailer can be found here.

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