The most valuable course I ever took

As one description of this YouTube video suggests, those of us under 40 may not remember a world where book reports, term papers, and essays were written on typewriters. But I do. My Bar Mitzvah gift was a typewriter, a Smith Corona with a removable ribbon.  At that time, removable ribbons were a great innovation. I later owned a Swintec that was state-of-the-art for its ability to erase up to a whole line of text! Now that was high tech (back then, anyways).

Have no doubt, typing was the most useful course I ever took.  More useful than math, IP, or Civ Pro.  There’s no substitute for being able to type with all your fingers rather than having to hunt-and-peck.

If you’ve never used an old-fashioned manual typewriter, you might not get the joke below.

H/T to my sister via Facebook.

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