From the folks who brought you SOPA & PIPA: Congressional offices downloading movies via BitTorrent

From no less a “liberal” source than U.S. News and World Report comes news that IP addresses in the U.S. Congress have been linked to BitTorrent file-sharing of copyrighted movies:

In late October, someone at the U.S. House of Representatives decided to catch up on the latest season of Dexter, illegally downloading an episode of the TV series while at a congressional office. In the days that followed, with Hurricane Sandy threatening to keep federal workers hunkered down at home, employees of Congress downloaded the 2012 mob film Lawless, a Halloween-themed episode of The Middle, and an episode from Season 9 of CSI: New York.

Over the last four months, employees of the House of Representatives have illegally downloaded dozens of films and TV shows . . . .

This from the good folks who brought you SOPA, and PIPA. I wonder whether the Feds will prosecute members of Congress or their staffs for copyright infringement, akin to the witch-hunt against Aaron Swartz?

Right . . . .

Source: US News & World Report, via Parislemon on Tumblr. Cross-posted to Infoglut Tumblr.

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